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Courier Mail

A nose for relaxation

Pushing a noisy lawnmower shouldn't logically be a route to relaxation, but there's definitely something about the smell of freshly cut grass.


The University of Queensland

Does gardening improve your memory?

Ever wanted to bottle the green fresh aroma of a forest? UQ researcher Dr Nick Lavidis has done just that with a new "eau de grass" spray soon to be launched on the market.


ABC Radio Australian "Innovations"

New-Mown Grass Scent for Relaxation

Chemicals in cut grass said to relieve stress and boost your memory. (Interview with Dr Nick Lavidis)


Lady Lux

LUX-Scent: Relieving Stress through a Scientific Fragrance

LUXies, have you noticed how nature has a way of calming your nerves?  How when you are feeling stressed just going outside and getting a breath of fresh air can allow you to feel at ease? 


Canny Minds

Stressed? Just mow the lawn.

Researchers have discovered that a chemical released by a mown lawn makes people feel happy and relaxed, and could prevent mental decline in old age.


Burke's Backyard


New Scientist magazine recently included an article about a spray product that was released in August, 2009.


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Dr Nick Lavidis


Dr Nick Lavidis

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